Alexis Niki
Screenplay Guru

Alexis Niki is an American screenwriter based in Paris, France. She has translated dozens of scripts and subtitled close to 100 films for both television and cinema in all genres -- from documentary to horror, romantic comedies to children's films. Her customers have included Columbia TriStar, Warner Brothers, and German national and private television. She is also the author of LifeTips "101 Screenwriting Tips."

Alexis's other passion in life is personal growth. As a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, a mind-body method of self-awareness, Alexis helps her students walk taller, move with ease, and feel more confident. Her articles on the Alexander Technique and personal growth have been published in the US and in the UK. She looks forward to expanding her writing in this area.

As a long-time resident of Europe, Alexis is also available to write about the cities she's lived in: Athens, Berlin, Cologne, and especially Paris.

Learn more about Alexis on her website:

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