Smooth Out Your Scenes

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Smooth Out Your Scenes

Does every scene in your script have a purpose? Does the scene move the story forward? Or is a scene there simply to entertain or to shade the character a little? Unneeded scenes waste precious time. The writer misses a golden opportunity to solidify the story, resulting in plot holes and characters who aren't as well-rounded as they could be. Go through your script and look for flabby or redundant scenes and either rewrite or cut them.

Once you've decided a scene is necessary, make it the best it can be. Here are some questions to guide you:

• Is there a dramatically compelling conflict and goal in this scene?
• Do you have the right characters for this scene?
• Do we know who drives the scene?
• Does the character succeed or fail in achieving his goal?
• Does the scene start and end at the right places?
• Is the setting the best possible setting?
• Are the actions visually compelling and in character?
• Does the scene have a beginning, middle, and end?

Do the same for your scene sequences:

• Do the complications get progressively harder?
• Do they build to a turning point?
• Do the scenes flow naturally and logically?
• Are the scenes in the right order?
• Is the main conflict sustained throughout?



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