The First Rules Of Marketing

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The First Rules Of Marketing

People with artistic and creative sensibilities sometimes are handicapped by a lack of business savvy. They love holing up in a turret and writing masterpieces by candlelight, but when it comes to selling their work, they freeze up and die. But marketing is like any other skill: it can be developed over time.

The worst sin you can commit in Hollywood, the world capital of entertainment, is to be boring. Make sure your script is original and entertaining. Give us vivid characters we can love. Give us a conflict we can root for. And then write your marketing materials with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm. If you've written a comedy, your synopsis should be funny. If you've written a thriller, your logline needs to thrill. When pitching, infect your listeners with your passion. If you're not excited by your script, how will anyone else ever be?

Writing synopses, loglines, query letters and e-mails; pitching scripts and concepts verbally, one-on-one or in front of a group; and projecting a glow of confidence and accomplishment are all part of a screenwriter's life. You need to hone these skills with the same care you devote to your storylines and your characters.



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