Agents Make Money FOR You, Not OFF You

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Agents Make Money FOR You, Not OFF You

An agent only makes money AFTER he's procured work for you—through a sale, option, or writing assignment. Then, and only then, is he allowed to charge you a 10% fee. Legitimate agents who are looking for new clients will never ask you for money. It's against the WGA signatory rules—another good reason to stick with WGA signatory agents. There are unscrupulous people who use the Internet to seduce inexperienced writers with promises of representation, and then try to charge a reading fee or sell script doctoring services. Don't fall for this.

Bottom line: never, ever pay an agent to read your script or to represent you.



7/23/2009 3:07:54 AM
Lidia said:

I have a wonderful international script for a movie, an original idea. I might need an agent, wondering who to contact. Please email me back. I want to make it in to a movie. I want to see how much it would cost, how much I would make of the script, just for the idea. I also picked out a couple songs which I know should be allowed in at first. I know artist would love to sell there music along with my movie. Just get in contact with me.


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