Six Degrees Of Separation

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Six Degrees Of Separation

Making it in Hollywood takes talent and skill. Without connections in the industry, though, you stand little chance of success, however brilliant your work may be. Unfortunately, you don't have connections. Or so you believe.

A popular theory states any two people can be linked to each other through at most six other people. It's called six degrees of separation. If you don't have any connections to a Hollywood player, you probably know someone who knows someone who does. Sit down and make a list of everyone you can think of with even a remote connection to the film industry. If you can't think of anyone, start with a list of everyone you know, period. Then contact everyone on that list. Tell them you'd like to learn more about the film industry, and ask them if they know anyone you can talk to. If your drycleaner's son once worked on the local TV news anchor's deck, get his name and approach him. He may be willing to contact the news anchor on your behalf. And who knows whom the news anchor knows?

Approach this exercise in the spirit of educating yourself about the business, and you'll be surprised how willing people are to help you. Whatever you do, never be pushy, desperate, or rude. If someone is unwilling to make a connection for you, let it go. If you force them to give you a name, they'll probably warn that person about you. If you back off, they'll remember you as a class act. The next time you ask for their help, they just might say yes.



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