A Space For Your Writing

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A Space For Your Writing

Besides establishing a rhythm for your writing, carve out a special space for it, too. Whether you turn a spare bedroom into a writer's den or stow your stuff in the glove compartment and write on the dashboard of your car is up to you. The important thing is for you to associate some little corner of the universe with the act of writing. Create a place you like being in. Fill it with things that inspire you. Strip it of every distraction. Make it yours.

I have different spaces for different parts of the writing process. I brainstorm in an armchair in the corner of my office, but I compose at my desk. When I had a larger kitchen, I loved working at the kitchen table. I generally prefer to work from home, but sometimes I go to a café, especially when I'm proofreading or editing. I have a harder time with other public places, though I have done good work in planes, trains, and hotel rooms.

Sometimes, just by shifting locations you can get the creative juices flowing. Try out different spots until you figure out what combination works best for you.



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