Tools Of The Trade

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Tools Of The Trade

All anyone really needs to jot down his thoughts is a stick and some dirt, but it's hard to develop a fetish for mud. How lucky we are, then, that humanity invented office supplies. Oh, how much time we can waste searching for that elusive, perfect blank notebook! Not too fat. Not too thin. With just the right feel. And just the right scent. Procrastination never smelled so good.

Well, indulge yourself from time to time. Choosing, collecting, and readying your writing tools can be an integral part of the preparation. For me, picking up paper and pencil signals my mind that I'm ready for brainstorming. Sitting at the computer sends a message that it's time for lucidity. Grabbing a fountain pen and my journal means I'm about to get personal.

The right tools can focus you for the job ahead, whatever that may be. The danger lies in believing you can't write without the proper tools, which isn't true, of course. A real writer can make do with whatever is at hand, including mud. But if you have a choice, why not use whatever speaks to you most?



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