Breaking Into Hollywood

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Breaking Into Hollywood

Hundreds of thousands of scripts are written and shopped around, but only about 400 feature films are produced in Hollywood each year. The competition is fierce, so how does a novice screenwriter break in?

According to producer/manager Hal Croasmun, there are numerous routes into Hollywood. "Too many screenwriters give up after trying only the traditional strategies," says Croasmun of "We didn't want to see any more dreams die over a lack of options." That's why Croasmun, who is also a writer, developed the free program "33 Ways to Break Into Hollywood." Every other day, a new strategy pops up on your desktop until you've read all 33 strategies. It's designed to give you time to consider each tip carefully. Once you've read a strategy, you can review it again at any time.

You'll learn how to win contests with industry recognition (strategy #5), approach indie filmmakers (strategy #17), and build your Web site (strategy #10). By the time you've finished, you'll be able to put together an amazing marketing campaign that will get you noticed by Hollywood.

This tool is one of my favorites. No writer should be without it. 33 Strategies can be downloaded for free at



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