Stay Balanced

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Stay Balanced

It takes an obsessive, stubborn personality to make it as a screenwriter, but it's important to remember there's more to life than movies. Certainly there's more to your life than screenwriting. Sure, you have to isolate yourself to get your work done, and yes, I understand you're on deadline and Christmas isn't happening this year. But if you systematically neglect other aspects of your life to chase a "written by" credit, you may live to regret it.

Stay connected with family and friends, and use the social time away from writing to rest and re-arm your writerly mind. Pursue varied interests, hobbies, and sports. Develop a flexible life rhythm, working harder on some days and easing off now and then. Take care of yourself by eating well and exercising regularly. Allowing yourself to recharge and refresh your perspective will go a long way toward keeping you level-headed, happy, and balanced as you navigate the shark-infested waters of Hollywood. After all, you'll need your stamina and strength. And getting out and living it up will give you new material to write about. (Ha, and you thought you weren't working!)



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